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Embrace Change, Master Emotions, Find Your Purpose!!

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Watch Week 1 FOR FREE!!

An Overview of Your 90-Day Journey


Using the Proprietary Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, discover how you show up energetically and how change & stress affects how you respond. Uncover the truth of who you are with my exclusive "Let's Get R.E.A.L." method of self-discovery.

DECIDE Who You Want To Be

By creating a mission and vision statement for your life, YOU get to decide who you want to be. We will create a vivid picture of your highest, most authentic self that is in alignment with your values and priorities. Using my "This Is Who I Am" exercise, we will determine the things you need to let go of in order to give yourself permission to move from where you are to where you were born to be.

DEVELOP The Plan To Get You There

Getting clear about who you want to be requires a roadmap. That's why my program introduces you to my exclusive BFG goal-setting method. Over the course of 12 weeks, you'll not only identify your goals but also learn how to set them with precision, ensuring they align with your newfound sense of self. You'll create a vision for your future that's inspiring and achievable.

What's Included:

  • 12 Weekly Interactive Video Sessions (replay available)

  • 12 Weekly 1-on-1 Goal setting check-ins

  • Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment

  • 65-Page Living With Purpose Workbook

  • Living With Purpose Continuing Education Journal

  • Community and Support through exclusive group access 

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Presented by
Ramsey Bergeron

Ramsey Bergeron is a certified Leadership and Well-Being Dynamics Coach who is renowned for guiding high-achievers to success for over two decades.


He has challenged himself both mentally and physically, having completed everything from a 10-day silent meditation course to 8 full-distance Ironman triathlons.


He leads workshops and Leadership Adventure retreats worldwide and specializes in helping people shift their perspectives by blending Eastern Philosophies into the Western World.


 He is the author of "Chasing the Rabbit: Why Achieving Success is Never Enough."

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up

  • 12 LIVE Interactive Video Sessions $4,499

  • 12 1-on-1 Goal Setting Check-ins $2,499

  • 65-Page Living With Purpose Workbook $399

  • Continuing Education Journal $399

  • Energy Leadership Assessment $350

  • Private Accountability Group $497

Your Total Value: $8,643

The Time to Live With Purpose is NOW

Take Control of Your Life Today For Just

$777 TODAY!

Then Just 2 More Payments of $777
A 1-Time Payment of Just

$2222 TODAY!


(SAVE OVER $6,400!!)

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