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These scalable workshops can be customized to significantly impact your organization on individual and team levels. 

Workshop Feedback:

"I attended Ramsey Bergeron’s Radical Acceptance Course... It was inclusive, and the small group format enabled me to really connect with others. The content was so relevant to the challenges I have faced and gave me an improved perspective on my current and upcoming life experiences. The tools provided were real, applicable, and thought-provoking. I still use them today." 

"The Emotional Intelligence workshop reminded me to keep focusing on the things I can control. We work in a place that you can't control much outside your circle of influence. This was very helpful."

"A brilliant life coach and dynamic presenter, Ramsey brings a fresh perspective to Radical Acceptance through his workshop. He compassionately and expertly creates a safe space that fosters highly engaging discussion and personal growth. The skills and insights I gained continue to help me be more present in each moment and feel an increased sense of inner peace and joy in a hectic world. This workshop is a must!"

"The [Understanding Your Energy] workshop lead to a truly mind-blowing place in just one day. Thank you!"


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