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Leadership Well-Being Development

The pandemic put an unprecedented strain on our workforce at scale, with major ramifications on people's personal and professional well-being.

Now, as we reset our company cultures and adjust to new ways of working, leaders are reconsidering how they can best provide for their teams. 

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Ramsey Bergeron’s Well-being leadership program has proven to be highly beneficial and effective from both a professional and personal aspect. Black Hills Energy wanted to embark on completing extended leadership training for all of their managers and supervisors in Colorado along with giving each employee personal leadership training which Ramsey was able to provide. His message was captivating and inspiring as we heard positive feedback from many of our leaders firsthand, while his one-on-one coaching debriefs, which sparked personal awareness, were found to be very dynamic and introspective according to many of our employees. If you or your company are looking to boost your company culture, re-inspire your workforce or simply bring awareness to how you’re presenting yourself on a daily basis at home or in the office then I highly recommend you give Ramsey Bergeron the opportunity to help you check that box and achieve your aspirational goals.”

-Floyd Wolf
Director of Operations, Black Hills Energy

Transform the Culture of Your Team

Partnership Offerings

The masterclass

We'll explore the 7 levels of perspective through a motivational presentation, practices, and interactive discussion. You'll be able to identify how your energy is showing up in your life and open your eyes to new ways of approaching everyday situations at work and home. 

The Assessments

We'll provide each individual a tangible measurement of how their perspective affects how they show up and their ability to lead and interact with others. Each Individual will rceive the full breakdown of their daily perspective along with awareness to how their perspective shift when they encounter a stressor. Additionally, you'll receive a high-level overview of the team perspective at large. 

The Intensive

We'll dive deep into exploring your perspective and the stressors that may be limiting your capacity. Through a 7-hour immersive experience of presentation, personalized workbooks, role-playing & small group breakouts, each individual will have an expanded understanding of their energy and tangible tools to create a more empowering perspective. 

The Program 

We'll partner together for a 12-part workshop series, expanding upon the Intensive with the Discipline Mastery Program. We will cover 10 areas vital to shifting your perspective and overall well-being. You'll gain access to our SCOPE app to help you determine your current perspective at any time from your phone. With dedicated time to learning and development, your team will experience a greater understanding and embodiment of the concepts. Plus: An arsenal of resources to support their growth and create a alsting shift in their perspective. 

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