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Your Power is in Your Perspective

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Ramsey Bergeron,
Keynote Speaker

A certified executive Coach, 8 x Ironman, and natural-born storyteller, Ramsey Bergeron has over 25 years of public speaking experience. He uses examples from his life (including dropping out of an Ironman race, a 10-day silent meditation experience, and the loss of his father and best friend) to illustrate that it's not what happens to us but how we react determines our legacy. He connects to his audience through motivation, humor, and vulnerability, empowering them to find the Power in Their Perspective.

Keynote Presentations

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Your Power is in Your Perspective

  • Signature Keynote designed to create awareness of how we respond/react  to "stressful" situations

  • Learn how to effectively differentiate between facts and judgments, allowing you to make more effecting decisions

Emotional Intelligence
in the Workplace

  • Explore the core components of emotional intelligence

  • Identify Tools to gain control over emotional expression

  • Recognize and develop ways to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace

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Corporate Culture & Values

  • Gain a tangible understanding of your organization's current culture with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  • Explore and/or establish your corporate values

Slow Down to Speed Up

  • Develop an understanding of how and when to use slow thinking vs fast thinking

  • Gain awareness of how to influence your teams instead of controlling them

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A Few Satisfied Clients

Changing Communities

I found Ramsey Bergeron to be one of the most engaging speakers I’ve heard in a very long time. He was enjoyable to work with & showed professionalism by asking questions about the theme so that his message would align.

He starts engaging with the audience at the lunch table making his presentation meaningful & memorable reminding us that we all have less-than-perfect situations happening almost every day, but it is all about how we choose to see it & respond rather than react.

The response from many who attended stated he was one of the highlights of the day & they would take his message with them not just in the workplace, but in their home & community.

- Chenise B

Hawaii Independant Insurance Agents Association

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