Radical Acceptance Webinar

A 4-Part Series
Tuesday nights
6-7:30 pm PDT
via Zoom

hosted by Ramsey Bergeron

A 4-Part Interactive Webinar To Help You Find The Peace & Serenity You Are Missing. 

Is this workshop for me?

Do you struggle to make peace with any of the following?

  • Health concerns/Aging

  • Relationships

  • Your job

  • Loss of a loved one/pet

  • Finances

Do you feel that life is unfair and/or bad things always happen to you?

Do you find yourself angry or frustrated? 

Are you anxious or worried about things that you have no control over? 

Are you too stressed to enjoy life and be happy?

Course Objective:

  • Find peace in even the most challenging of situations. I'll teach you practical ways to reduce your anger & anxiety and find more peace and joy 

  • Find a new, more empowering lens to view your life. We will discuss how to realistically apply philosophies such as nonjudgement and impermanence into your daily routine

  • Feel the freedom of letting go. I'll show you how to determine what is truly within your control and how to actually let go of everything else. 

"By putting Ramsey's alternate perspective principles to work, they have allowed me to find peace in the midst of what may seem not-so-peaceful moments." 

Wade O. 

This workshop will utilize a small group environment designed to create a safe space in order to allow you to learn and share in an intimate setting.